Simmtronics XPAD Q4 Best Price in India on 17-Aug-2022 + Expert Reviews

Simmtronics XPAD Q4

Detailed Review


This smartphone comes with the latest Multi-Touch technology which makes operating this phone a breeze. The multi-touch technology feature grants you the freedom to use the phone with multiple fingers for gesture control. Varied inputs are taken by this phone, conditioned on the screen gestures made. This smartphone has a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels to offer. You needn't worry about straining your eyes as the screen size is not too small. This device comes with a TFT display. The display of this phone boasts of 65 K colours. With the TFT display of Simmtronics XPAD Q4, you get higher resolution without cutting on the battery life. This phone possesses Pinch-to-Zoom, Multi-touch, along with the at par ones to offer a remarkable feast your eyes on. The display sported by Simmtronics XPAD Q4 measures about 4.5 inches.


The battery of this smartphone that offers 5 hours of talk time on 2G network might be a point of apprehension for heavy users. The standby time offered is nearly 250 hrs on 2G network. Even with an average capacity, the battery are able to last you a day of moderate calling and average texting. This device possesses the typical Li-Ion battery.


The kind of pictures and videos your camera produces does not depend only on megapixels. Depending on the sensor quality and the smartphone's other applications; you can get surprisingly good photography results even with a Yes, 2 megapixels camera. Though it's taken over by the latest entrants, yet the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 does feature a Yes, 0.3 MP front camera; but it is meaningless spending money on a feature that might be of no real worth to you.

General Features

You get at par accessories such as 1 Handset, 1 Battery, 1 Usb Cable, 1 Travel Charger, 1 Free Back Cover, 1 Warranty Card, 1 User Manual in the box, in addition to the Simmtronics XPAD Q4. Pre-loaded with a number of features, this smartphone possesses dimensions of 64.5x11. The handset colour featured here is Black. Like most of the popular smartphones in the market, the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 sports a touch screen.


This Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is also created to add to calling feast your eyes on as it is equipped with both at par and advanced boasts of like Conference Call, Loudspeaker. The sim type contained in this phone is the Dual Sim, GSM, GSM. Your device additionally has Wi-Fi connnectivity, as a bonus to the mobile data. This phone increases efficiency by acting like a dongle when on the tethering mode, which lets the data connection to be used by other remote systems such as laptops, tablets or other smartphone devices. The wireless connectivity of the built-in Bluetooth of this phone is a winner in a hectic lifestyle, as it lets for instant syncing with compatible devices for file sharing and hands-free communication. The headphone jack of 3.5 mm makes sure that the audio needs are accommodated by this smartphone. The built-in GPS that constantly updates the device's instant location lets the user to stay on track while traveling.


Many users find multimedia FM a refreshing change from their regular playlists. All the media you need and want reaches your pockets with the huge internal memory of this phone. The Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is absolutely compatible with the microSD, which can help you boost the internal storage of the device. Complicated functions will not opt down well with its 0.256 GB ram, but basic functions pose no problems. With 32 GB of expandable memory, you don't have to constantly delete heavy files, videos, apps and images to free up the space, most of it can stay for as long as you like; plus the entire extendable storage is available unlike the.


Equipped with a 1 GHz processor frequency, the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 offers a power packed performance. A lower frequency would mean the device would take longer to respond, so for a smoother performance, a higher frequency would be optimal. The Simmtronics XPAD Q4 have the flexibility to meet the speed requirements of most of the typical apps without any trouble. The popular operating system android makes sure the latest apps and trends are available to you. The platform processor featured in the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is Cortex A5. The Android v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system is responsible for the pleasurable performance of this device. This Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is credited with a platform that performs at a frequency of GSM - 900, 1800 GHz.

Mr. Ajmera's Review (A business user)

A small device like this might neatly fit in my pockets, but that's all it can and nothing much with the cramped screen size of 4.5 inches. With my kind of usage and lifestyle neither will the battery last me decent hours, nor can I provide it with charging as and when needed. I more than often go for efficient devices like the as it present me with a robust call management; as I am hardly ever off my phone. Bluetooth in my smartphone is essential more for hands-free calling than file sharing. I am mostly traveling around and even if it is in known streets, I prefer having my GPS navigation guiding me along, in case of traffic or diversions.

Mrs. Iyer's Review (A homemaker)

It looks really small and comfortable for carrying, but I can't type without misspelling the words at least 3-4 times, that's how uncomfortable using this Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is. I keep zooming in on many images and forwards and multi-touch makes this really easy. I won't worry about the other features in the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 as the camera is so average and a strong deterrent for me. This phone features a very nice storage for all my images, videos and music as I hardly have to delete anything due to storage issues. The expandable memory of the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is a good option for me as against the high priced smartphones which come with high internal memory.

Ishan's Review (A geek)

As a smartphone, the screen size of the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is quite decent; but too tiny when it comes to gaming or reading. The multi-touch screen allows me to zoom in or zoom out during a game; also, it feels so real to flick pages of an ebook using my fingers. Reading is still fine, but gaming on a 1 GHz smartphone is really dreadful. Even the lowest graphics games need RAM higher than this. The 512 GB internal storage of the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 is really meant for me and my ever-growing ebook and gaming collection. Extendable memory is always a great storage backup if you have a growing collection of ebooks, games and apps. I'd like my smartphone battery to at least last me an intensive gaming session that goes on for 3-4 hours without battery warnings; the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 doesn't live up to it.

Prachi's Review (A social butterfly)

For me the 4.5 inches display is the first thing I noticed in the Simmtronics XPAD Q4. I love texting and all my friends too prefer texting over talking, so I find the screen size of the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 very cramped. I can zoom in or zoom out images with pinching movements of my fingers on the screen of the Simmtronics XPAD Q4. And flick my fingers to rotate images or turn pages of ebook; that's why the Multi-Touch technology is really nice. Yes, 2 MP is not that great camera resolution. There are so many smartphones with better megapixels sometimes even cheaper than this phone. I love clicking pictures with my smartphone and this one doesn't seem up for it. I can't imagine my smartphone without the secondary camera. I and my friends simply love the selfies and groupies and click hundreds of them. It's too much effort to do it with the main camera, so having a cool front camera is much better; it is more fun to have front camera with higher megapixels. I can now travel to almost any new place or location with the built-in GPS and it is great help during various emergencies, traffic updates or navigation issues. I love the Simmtronics XPAD Q4 where I hardly delete photos and videos due to storage issues. Plus I even carry around my entire music library. My smartphone is my world and it easily carries around my numerous group pics, videos with friends, my favourite YouTube videos, music, books, social networking apps and much more.

Technical Specification

General Features

Handset Color:Black
Call Features:Conference Call , Loudspeaker
Model Name:XPAD Q4
Touch Screen:Yes , Capacitive
SIM Type:Dual Sim , GSM , GSM
In the Box:1 Handset , 1 Battery , 1 Usb Cable , 1 Travel Charger , 1 Free Back Cover , 1 Warranty Card , 1 User Manual


Other Camera Features:Zoom - 2x
Other Camera Features:Flash Support
Rear Camera:2 MP
Front Facing Camera:Yes , 0.3 MP


Video Player:Yes
Video Player:Supports MP4/3GPP
Music Player:Yes

Internet & Connectivity

Audio Jack:3.5 mm
Preinstalled Browser:Android
Navigation Technology:Yes
Wifi:Yes , 802.11 b/g/n

Other Features

Phone Book Memory:Yes
Call Memory:Yes
SMS Memory:Yes
Important Apps:Google Play Store , Widgets , Gmail , Facebook
Additional Features:Audio Recording , Flight Mode , Calendar , Clock , MMS Enabled


Display Resolution:320 x 480 Pixels
Other Display Features:Pinch-to-Zoom , Multi-touch
Display Type:TFT
Display Size:4.5 inches
Display Color:65 K


Size:64.5x11 mm


Talk Time (2G):5 hrs
Standby Time (2G):250 hrs
Battery Type:Li-Ion
Capacity:1200 mAh

Memory And Storage

Expandable Memory Card Type:microSD
Expandable Memory Capacity:32 GB
RAM:0.256 GB
Internal:0.512 GB


Operating Freq:GSM - 900
Operating Freq:1800
OS:Android v4 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Processor Frequency:1 GHz
Processor:Cortex A5