Maxx MX431BL Best Price in India on 11-Aug-2022 + Expert Reviews

Maxx MX431BL

Detailed Review


This is an suitable display size in terms of the overall dimensions for a smartphone. Even a slightly smaller screen size are able to make using the phone a little difficult. Portability becomes questionable, if the screen size is even a size more colossal than this. This smartphone has a resolution of 240 X 320  pixels to present. This device is furnished with a QVGA display. The display sported by Maxx MX431BL measures about 5 inches.


The performance of the Maxx MX431BL will be standard with the mAh BAT87 battery fitted in.


If you are one of those selective bunch of people who remained unfazed by the selfie storm, then the basic 0 MP front camera in this smartphone will not sway your choice. Megapixels are not the sole determiners of the quality of your images and videos. Based on the sensor quality and the smartphone's other applications; you have the flexibility to get surprisingly good photography results even with a 0.3 megapixels camera.

General Features

Comes in Black body. The basic accessories such as 1 Handset, 1 Battery, 1 Travel Charger, 1 Earphone, User Manual (with warranty Card) too is supplied in addition to the Maxx MX431BL.


This phone is furnished with a Dual Sim.


The expandable memory of 8 GB is all available for stick with as against the cramped internal storage which already has space allocated to default apps and other programs; now you are able to carry your entertainment in your pocket. The lower capacity of internal memory may raise a few eyebrows as it only satisfies basic utilities. Complicated functions will not choose down well with its 0.004 GB ram, but basic functions pose no problems. The Maxx MX431BL is absolutely compatible with the microSD, which can help you enhance the internal storage of the device.


A MediaTek platform processor is featured in this device. Low processor frequency preserves power but is not a exactly the best choice for multitasking.

Mr. Ajmera's Review (A business user)

I strongly recommend the Maxx MX431BL when it comes to easy-to-use keyboard that's small enough to pack away smartly but big enough to offer convenience while typing. The battery of this phone would be okay only if you are fine being on a constant quest for charging options within half a working day. If you are a road warrior like me then you better rethink your choice of device.

Mrs. Iyer's Review (A homemaker)

The phone is very easy to take with you because of its size but I struggle a little while typing due to the keys placed very close to each other. A smartphone without a good camera is really not my choice, even if the Maxx MX431BL sports other excellent features and fairly makes up. I will need to delete or transfer photos every week if I choose this Maxx MX431BL with its small storage space. I always feel the more the better when it comes to smartphone storage and I would always chose the Maxx MX431BL with expandable memory against any other smartphones that are overpriced and overloaded with confusing features.

Ishan's Review (A geek)

I feel the graphics are so vivid and the text so clear, that I am hooked on to the 5 inch display for my gaming and reading pleasure. Gaming is really a turn off on this 0.364 GHz smartphone; reading is still bearable. An internal RAM this low isn't capable of handling any level of multitasking or gaming. Smartphone storage with such low capacity even for basic apps and programs is really irrelevant. If you have gaming and ebook library as huge as mine, you can never say no to an extendable memory storage. The battery does last for 3-4 hours of a graphic-heavy game session, however immediately after this I need to put the Maxx MX431BL on charging; really can't do much post the session.

Prachi's Review (A social butterfly)

The first thing I noticed in the Maxx MX431BL was its 5 inches display. The Maxx MX431BL has an amazing screen size, I feel. I can type only with one hand and can easily stick it in denim pockets. Though, I personally love my videos on a large screen. The 0.3 MP camera resolution is not that cool. You can easily opt for any other smartphone with a better camera, it might even be cheaper. I don't think this smartphone can click awesome pictures, which by the way is my favourite hobby. Recently, I can't imagine life without selfies, and hence the secondary camera. Clicking selfies and groupies is a favourite pastime for me and my friends. It's sometimes difficult to click selfies and groupies with the main camera, so always go for smartphones with good secondary camera. The small 4 GB internal storage of the Maxx MX431BL feels quite miserly. I don't understand the use of this storage if it can't contain all my media files.

Technical Specification

General Features

Handset Color:Black
Model Name:MX431BL
SIM Type:Dual Sim
In the Box:1 Handset , 1 Battery , 1 Travel Charger , 1 Earphone , User Manual (with warranty Card)


Rear Camera:0.3 MP
Front Facing Camera:0 MP


Display Resolution:240 X 320  Pixels
Display Type:QVGA
Display Size:5 inches


Battery Type:BAT87
Capacity:2200 mAh

Memory And Storage

Expandable Memory Card Type:microSD
Expandable Memory Capacity:8 GB
RAM:0.004 GB
Internal:0.004 GB


Processor Frequency:0.364 GHz