Maxx MX2401 Best Price in India on 17-Aug-2022 + Expert Reviews

Maxx MX2401

Detailed Review


The Maxx MX2401 sports a display of 10.92 cms; approximately 4.3 inches. This smartphone presents a resolution of 240 X 320  pixels. The display size provided by the phone may not work in your favour as much as a slightly bigger screen. You get QVGA display with this device.


The Maxx MX2401 smartphone, has a modest battery life, are able to last few hours to facilitate at par texting and calling functions.


The kind of pictures and videos your camera produces does not depend only on megapixels. You have the flexibility to get surprisingly good results even with a 0.3 megapixels camera when the sensor is of good quality. Though it's past its prime considering the latest entrants, yet the Maxx MX2401 does feature a 0 MP front camera; but no point spending money on a feature that might be of past its prime use to you.

General Features

The handset colour featured here is Black. You get at par accessories such as 1 Handset, 1 Battery, 1 Travel Charger, 1 Earphone, User Manual (with warranty Card) in the box, along with the Maxx MX2401.


You get a Dual Sim sim with this smartphone.


This phone is a strict no-no for those who stick with complicated apps,but basic functions do not pose a problem. All your images, videos, music and books have the flexibility to easily be accommodated in the 8 GB extendable storage offered by this Maxx MX2401; this entire space is available for storage unlike the pre-loaded internal storage. You have the flexibility to easily amp up the internal storage of your device as it displays compatibility with the microSD memory cards. Only basic utilities have the flexibility to be satisfied with such a low internal memory.


Lower processor frequency of this device is particularly pleasing for battery life but not good enough for multitasking. The platform processor featured in the Maxx MX2401 is Spreadtrum.

Mr. Ajmera's Review (A business user)

Although the Maxx MX2401 might be extremely portable with its small exterior but I don't think it's worth against the cramped keypad it offers and even the functionality isn't worth the struggle. It has a decent battery life but not for someone with my kind of usage as I am constantly on my toes to charge my phone or dangle a bulky power bank. This is not a viable option for someone like me who is constantly on the move.

Mrs. Iyer's Review (A homemaker)

The size of the Maxx MX2401 makes it extremely portable, but with its tiny and cramped keypad it's really not of much use to me. I don't like the camera in particular, and I won't be buying the Maxx MX2401, however good the other features might be. Smartphones with larger memory is always preferred by me; this phone can't even hold images and videos which I save in a single week. The expandable memory of the Maxx MX2401 is a good option for me as against the high priced smartphones which come with high internal memory.

Ishan's Review (A geek)

Although the display looks great, the tiny screen size is too awkward to please the gamer or the ardent bookworm in me. Well, the frequency never bothered me so much with reading, but gaming on this 0.3 GHz device is a nightmare. I wouldn't recommend such a low RAM even for the most amateur gamer; in fact for anyone. No clue what's the point of storage which can't even make enough room for my apps, leave alone my books and games. Even if your smartphone offers good amount of internal storage, extendable memory never hurts and is good to know that there's room left if you need. I can at the least have a cool gaming session of 3-4 hours without the battery warning; although after 4 hours I do have to seek charging.

Prachi's Review (A social butterfly)

The 4.3 inches display of the Maxx MX2401 was the first thing that grabbed my attention. I prefer texting over talking but this screen size is way too cramped to do that easily. It's not that amazing to own a smartphone with 0.3 MP camera resolution. There are cheaper options available that too with better camera resolution. I click hundreds of cool pics with my smartphone and don't think the pictures will be so cool with this phone. For me, a smartphone with secondary camera means loads of selfies. Me and my friends are a huge followers of the selfie and groupie trend, we hardly stop clicking 'em. If you find clicking selfies as cool as I do then you should definitely opt for a smartphone with an amazing secondary camera. The 4 GB internal storage is really very less. If it can't save all my files then what good is it.

Technical Specification

General Features

Handset Color:Black
Model Name:MX2401
SIM Type:Dual Sim
In the Box:1 Handset , 1 Battery , 1 Travel Charger , 1 Earphone , User Manual (with warranty Card)


Rear Camera:0.3 MP
Front Facing Camera:0 MP


Display Resolution:240 X 320  Pixels
Display Type:QVGA
Display Size:4.3 inches


Battery Type:BAT156(BL9C)
Capacity:1800 mAh

Memory And Storage

Expandable Memory Card Type:microSD
Expandable Memory Capacity:8 GB
RAM:0.004 GB
Internal:0.004 GB


Processor Frequency:0.3 GHz