Maxx MSD7 Best Price in India on 11-Aug-2022 + Expert Reviews

Maxx MSD7

Detailed Review


This smartphone presents a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels. You get HVGA display with this device. The screen size is normal, but a slightly bigger one would've worked more in your favour. The display sported by Maxx MSD7 measures about 3.55 inches.


This device features the popular Li-Ion battery. The Maxx MSD7 smartphone, has a modest battery life, have the flexibility to last few hours to facilitate standard texting and calling functions.


If you are one of those selective bunch of people who remained unfazed by the selfie storm, then the basic 0.3 MP front camera in this smartphone will not waver your choice. The quality of your images and videos does not rely solely on megapixels. Depending on the sensor quality and the smartphone's other applications; you can get surprisingly good photography results even with a 2 megapixels camera.

General Features

You get at par accessories such as 1 Handset, 1 Battery, 1 Charger Adapter, 1 USB Cable, 1 Earphone, User Manual (with warranty Card), 1 PP Cover. in the box, along with the Maxx MSD7. The Maxx MSD7 here features a Black body. Like most of the popular smartphones in the market, the Maxx MSD7 sports a touch screen.


On top of the mobile data, this device can also be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. You get a Dual Sim sim with this smartphone.


Avoid graphic intensive functions and a lower RAM should do you just fine, besides,it is a particularly pleasing battery saver. The Maxx MSD7 is absolutely compatible with the microSD, which can help you boost the internal storage of the device. The expandable memory of 32 GB is all available for use as against the cramped internal storage which already has space allocated to default apps and other programs; now you can carry your entertainment in your pocket. The lower capacity of internal memory may raise a few eyebrows as it only satisfies basic utilities.


Equipped with a 1 GHz processor frequency, the Maxx MSD7 offers a power packed performance. A higher frequency will result in a faster response by the device, ensuing in giving you a smoother performance. The Maxx MSD7 have the flexibility to meet the speed requirements of most of the typical apps without any trouble. The popular operating system android makes sure the latest apps and trends are available to you. This device features a MediaTek platform processor. This smartphoneruns on the Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system.

Mr. Ajmera's Review (A business user)

A small device like this might neatly fit in my pockets, but that's all it can and nothing much with the cramped screen size of 3.55 inches. With my kind of usage and lifestyle neither will the battery last me decent hours, nor can I provide it with charging as and when needed.

Mrs. Iyer's Review (A homemaker)

It looks really small and comfortable for carrying, but I can't type without misspelling the words at least 3-4 times, that's how uncomfortable using this Maxx MSD7 is. I won't worry about the other features in the Maxx MSD7 as the camera is so average and a strong deterrent for me. The tiny memory of this Maxx MSD7 will not even last me a week. The expandable memory of the Maxx MSD7 is a good option for me as against the high priced smartphones which come with high internal memory.

Ishan's Review (A geek)

As a smartphone, the screen size of the Maxx MSD7 is quite decent; but too tiny when it comes to gaming or reading. Reading is still fine, but gaming on a 1 GHz smartphone is really dreadful. Even the lowest graphics games need RAM higher than this. I dunno what good is storage which is insufficient even for regular apps and programs. Extendable memory is always a great storage backup if you have a growing collection of ebooks, games and apps. I'd like my smartphone battery to at least last me an intensive gaming session that goes on for 3-4 hours without battery warnings; the Maxx MSD7 doesn't live up to it.

Prachi's Review (A social butterfly)

For me the 3.55 inches display is the first thing I noticed in the Maxx MSD7. I love texting and all my friends too prefer texting over talking, so I find the screen size of the Maxx MSD7 very cramped. 2 MP is not that great camera resolution. There are so many smartphones with better megapixels sometimes even cheaper than this phone. I love clicking pictures with my smartphone and this one doesn't seem up for it. I can't imagine my smartphone without the secondary camera. I and my friends simply love the selfies and groupies and click hundreds of them. It's too much effort to do it with the main camera, so having a cool front camera is much better; it is more fun to have front camera with higher megapixels. The internal storage in the Maxx MSD7 is quite stingy with the tiny 4 GB. I don't know what it is good for when it can hardly hold any of my media files.

Technical Specification

General Features

Handset Color:Black
Model Name:MSD7
Touch Screen:Yes
SIM Type:Dual Sim
Model ID:MSD7-3.5
In the Box:1 Handset , 1 Battery , 1 Charger Adapter , 1 USB Cable , 1 Earphone , User Manual (with warranty Card) , 1 PP Cover.


Rear Camera:2 MP
Front Facing Camera:0.3 MP

Internet & Connectivity


Other Features



Display Resolution:320 x 480 Pixels
Display Type:HVGA
Display Size:3.55 inches


Battery Type:Li-Ion
Capacity:1300 mAh

Memory And Storage

Expandable Memory Card Type:microSD
Expandable Memory Capacity:32 GB
RAM:0.512 GB
Internal:4 GB


OS:Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Processor Frequency:1 GHz