Lemon B649 Best Price in India on 11-Aug-2022 + Expert Reviews

Lemon B649

Detailed Review


The display sported by B649 measures about 2.4 inches. This smartphone presents a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. As the display size is 2.4 inches, the phone would be a tad difficult to use, although it is pretty portable.


With mAh battery, the B649 stores enough power to stay connected for longer hours. This impressive powerhouse of a smartphone grants you the freedom to probe all of its is credited with through the day without any issues. The low discharge levels and and the light weight of this device are able to be associated with its Li-Polymer battery.


Megapixels are not the sole determiners of the quality of your images and videos. Depending on the sensor quality and the smartphone's other applications; you can get surprisingly good photography results even with a Yes, 1.3 megapixels camera.

General Features

With the box, you will get Handsfree, Handset, User Mannual, Charger, Warranty Card, Data Cable, Battery along with the smartphone. The B649 here is credited with a Grey body.


You get a Dual Sim sim with this smartphone.


The B649 is absolutely compatible with the microSD, which can help you boost the internal storage of the device. You get a decent internal storage, suitable for moderate users carrying an average amount of media files on their smartphones. The expandable memory of 16 GB is all available for use as against the cramped internal storage which already has space allocated to default apps and other programs; now you have the flexibility to carry your entertainment in your p.

Mr. Ajmera's Review (A business user)

Although the B649 might be extremely portable with its small exterior but I don't think it's worth against the cramped keypad it offers and even the functionality isn't worth the struggle. The powerful battery is a great companion for my on-the-move lifestyle as it survives my hardcore usage for quite a good number of hours.

Mrs. Iyer's Review (A homemaker)

The size of the B649 makes it extremely portable, but with its tiny and cramped keypad it's really not of much use to me. I don't like the camera in particular, and I won't be buying the B649, however good the other features might be. I like the B649 mainly for its huge internal storage, I never prefer deleting images or videos from my phone. I always feel the more the better when it comes to smartphone storage and I would always chose the B649 with expandable memory against any other smartphones that are overpriced and overloaded with confusing features.

Ishan's Review (A geek)

Although the display looks great, the tiny screen size is too awkward to please the gamer or the ardent bookworm in me. The B649 with the 32 GB internal storage really talks to me; it understands my storage needs when it comes to my ebook and gaming collection. Even if your smartphone offers good amount of internal storage, extendable memory never hurts and is good to know that there's room left if you need. With the 3000 mAh, the B649 has me gaming all day and all night; I really can even push in a couple of hour of reading session.

Prachi's Review (A social butterfly)

The 2.4 inches display of the B649 was the first thing that grabbed my attention. I prefer texting over talking but this screen size is way too cramped to do that easily. It's not that amazing to own a smartphone with Yes, 1.3 MP camera resolution. There are cheaper options available that too with better camera resolution. I click hundreds of cool pics with my smartphone and don't think the pictures will be so cool with this phone. I never delete images and videos in the B649 due to less internal storage. My entire music collection travels with me in my smartphone. My world of hundreds of images, videos, music, books, social networking apps and much more simply fits inside my smartphone.

Technical Specification

General Features

Handset Color:Grey
Model Name:B649
SIM Type:Dual Sim
In the Box:Handsfree , Handset , User Mannual , Charger , Warranty Card , Data Cable , Battery


Rear Camera:1.3 MP


Warranty Summary:1year manufacturers warranty on phone and on others as per rules in user mannual


Display Resolution:320 x 240 Pixels
Display Size:2.4 inches


Battery Type:Li-Polymer
Capacity:3000 mAh

Memory And Storage

Expandable Memory Card Type:microSD
Expandable Memory Capacity:16 GB
Internal:0.032 GB