Lemon Aspire A2 Hd Phone Best Price in India on 11-Aug-2022 + Expert Reviews

Lemon Aspire A2 Hd Phone

Detailed Review


The screen display size is appropriate for a smartphone. Even a slightly smaller screen size are able to make using the phone a little tough. Portability must be cut back on, if the screen size is even slightly bigger than this. The Aspire A2 Hd Phone flaunts a display of 12.7 cms; approximately 5 inches. This smartphone presents a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.


The battery technology in this smartphone is Li-Ion. The Aspire A2 Hd Phone smartphone, has a modest battery life, have the flexibility to last few hours to facilitate standard texting and calling functions.


The kind of pictures and videos your camera produces does not depend only on megapixels. Depending on the sensor quality and the smartphone's other applications; you are able to get surprisingly good photography results even with a Yes, 8 megapixels camera. If you are one of those selective bunch of people who remained unfazed by the selfie storm, then the basic 2 MP front camera in this smartphone will not sway your choice.

General Features

You get at par accessories such as User Mannual, Handset, Handsfree, Charger, Warranty Card, Data Cable, Battery in the box, along with the Aspire A2 Hd Phone. Like most of the popular smartphones in the market, the Aspire A2 Hd Phone possesses a touch screen. The handset colour featured here is Black.


The smartphone audio needs are accommodated by the 3.5 mm headphone jack. You get a Dual Sim sim with this smartphone. On top of the mobile data, this device are able to further be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.


The impressive 64 GB expandable storage adds the feature of the storing of all your movies, music, books, videos, images, etc. in one device - the Aspire A2 Hd Phone so that a single device performs the function of all the rest. Only basic utilities can be satisfied with such a low internal memory. As a bonus to swift multitasking, the internal RAM of this smartphone assures performance and stability. The Aspire A2 Hd Phone is absolutely compatible with the microSD, which have the flexibility to help you enhance the internal storage of the device.


The Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean) operating system is responsible for the pleasurable performance of this device. With a 1.2 GHz processor frequency, the Aspire A2 Hd Phone offers supreme performance. A lower frequency would mean the device would take longer to respond, so for a smoother performance, a higher frequency would be ideal. The speed required by most typical apps are satisfied by the Aspire A2 Hd Phone without any hindrance. Built with a Quad Core processor, this smartphone ensures a power packed performance that makes it simple to multi-task and switch between messaging apps, social media updates, games, etc. You will never have to worry about dropping a call or accidentally closing a window again, because with this device, you can answer incoming calls while browsing, without either task facing any interruptions. All the latest apps and trends will be available to you with the popular android operating system.

Mr. Ajmera's Review (A business user)

The Aspire A2 Hd Phone is really recommended for any user who relates to my idea of having a balance between a large enough easy-to-use keyboard and overall small enough for fit snugly in your pockets. The battery within few months will need constant charging considering my usage, but I hardly have time to leave it behind for charging or carry around a bulky power bank. This battery is a decent choice only if you can't buy a more powerful option, else it'll be more often connected to the charger than to you.

Mrs. Iyer's Review (A homemaker)

The alphabets on the QWERTY keypad are a bit congested, but the entire size of this Aspire A2 Hd Phone is what I like the most. I won't worry about the other features in the Aspire A2 Hd Phone as the camera is so average and a strong deterrent for me. The tiny memory of this Aspire A2 Hd Phone will not even last me a week. The expandable memory of the Aspire A2 Hd Phone is a good option for me as against the high priced smartphones which come with high internal memory.

Ishan's Review (A geek)

The display of this smartphone seems to be very well-calibrated and it keeps me reeled in with my gaming and reading. Although I would recommend a higher frequency for gaming, the 1.2 GHz is not that bad an option. Swift loading and overall smooth performance is every gamer's dream; and it comes true when you get the Aspire A2 Hd Phone that packs in quad core processor. It's a real smooth experience with gaming or multitasking on the Aspire A2 Hd Phone with its 1 GB RAM. I dunno what good is storage which is insufficient even for regular apps and programs. Extendable memory is always a great storage backup if you have a growing collection of ebooks, games and apps. Immediately after a 4 hour graphic-intense gaming session on the Aspire A2 Hd Phone, I have to plug it in charging; these gaming sessions sometimes are shortened by a call in between as the battery is almost depleted by the end of the call.

Prachi's Review (A social butterfly)

For me the 5 inches display is the first thing I noticed in the Aspire A2 Hd Phone. I think Aspire A2 Hd Phone has an absolutely cool screen size. It fits well in my denim pockets and I can type with one hand. Not that bad for viewing videos either, but I like to view videos on larger screens. Yes, 8 MP is not that great camera resolution. There are so many smartphones with better megapixels sometimes even cheaper than this phone. I love clicking pictures with my smartphone and this one doesn't seem up for it. I can't imagine my smartphone without the secondary camera. I and my friends simply love the selfies and groupies and click hundreds of them. It's too much effort to do it with the main camera, so having a cool front camera is much better; it is more fun to have front camera with higher megapixels. I always forget charging my phone so USB charging via my laptop is really a good option for me and sometimes I even use this port to transfer music and images. The internal storage in the Aspire A2 Hd Phone is quite stingy with the tiny 4 GB. I don't know what it is good for when it can hardly hold any of my media files.

Technical Specification

General Features

Handset Color:Black
Model Name:Aspire A2 Hd Phone
Touch Screen:Yes
SIM Type:Dual Sim
In the Box:User Mannual , Handset , Handsfree , Charger , Warranty Card , Data Cable , Battery


Rear Camera:8 MP
Front Facing Camera:2 MP

Internet & Connectivity

Audio Jack:3.5 mm
USB Connectivity:Yes


Display Resolution:1280 x 720 Pixels
Display Size:5 inches


Warranty Summary:1year manufacturers warranty on phone and on others as per rules in user mannual


Battery Type:Li-Ion
Capacity:2000 mAh

Memory And Storage

Expandable Memory Card Type:microSD
Expandable Memory Capacity:64 GB
Internal:4 GB


OS:Android v4.2 (Jelly Bean)
Processor Frequency:1.2 GHz
Processor Cores:Quad Core